Body Countouring Treatments


Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive treatment for targeting subcutaneous fat cells. It is a safe and effective treatment with no downtime for the client. 

It can be used to treat the flanks, upper and lower abdomen, back fat pads, inner and outer thighs, upper arms and chest area on male clients.

The treatment creates a lipolyptic action in the fat cell and can reduce overall fat by up to 40%. Results are not instant and can take up to 3 months to be fully visible.

Client selection is important as good diet and regular exercise and has an overall low body mass index (BMI). This means that cryolipolysis is a more suited to the clients that are struggling with certain areas of fat that are still present even after dieting and exercise.

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In the ever-changing world of plastic surgery and dermatology, there’s no shortage of treatments available for those looking to shed fat and sculpt their bodies. But Bodysculpt, the FDA cleared non-surgical body contouring treatment that first hit the scene last year, is in a league of its own.

Bodysculpt is known for its impressive muscle toning and fat burning properties-and the non-invasive treatment requires zero downtime afterwards.

Bodysculpt uses HIFEM technology (High Frequency Electro-Magnetic Technology) which causes the target muscles to (usually the abs or glutes) to contract, a thirty minute session equates to 20,000 sit ups or squats. 20,000 muscle contractions in the space of just 30 minutes.

The Bodysculpt machine also stimulates the lymphatics, resulting in the removal of lactic acid, which means you won’t get those horrible cramps you sometimes get after a big workout.

A belt is strapped around the target area, and templates that are wired up to the Bodysculpt machine are inserted under the belt. Strong electro-magnetic pulses are sent through this, into the muscles, making them contract and work harder than any gym sessions could. All while you’re lying down.

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